Here is our frequently asked questions page!

If you have further questions don't hesitate to email us at

Why don't you have camp on Friday?

Fridays are used for a make-up day in case there is rain during the typical Monday-Thursday camps.  However- keep yourself up to date... we may have some stand-alone Friday sessions throughout the summer!


What happens if it rains?

If it rains, you will receive an email (to the email you have on file) by 7:30 am that morning.  At the start of each session, John Billen will also share his cell # in case of any emergency or any need to contact him.


What are your covid protocols/procedures?

Please see our covid protocols and a copy of the waiver on the waiver page.  Nitro1 Sports Camp takes the Covid-19 virus seriously and ensures that camp personnel and campers are safe in their participation in the camp.


Why aren't there 1hr 15 min sessions listed?

By demand, the three hour time slots are more popular.  If you would like to send your child over the summer for an instruction only course, please email us at


What if I want my child to change during the week?

If your child signs up for a flag football camp and really wants to try lacrosse, of course we'll let him/her do lacrosse that day instead of flag!  We want campers to experience different sports and let their interest guide their decisions.